Please consider making a donation to the Hackett Hemwall Foundation.

Our work in underdeveloped countries, teaching and research is totally dependent on the generous donations from people like you.    If you have participated in our foundation work, or benefited from the care that you received or gave, please consider “giving back” with a donation to the Hackett Hemwall Foundation.   Physicians and patients around the world will thank you!

The HHF is a volunteer organization...  all work to organize, operate, teach and maintain the organization is done on a volunteer basis.  All donated funds will go toward our goal of providing free medical care to under-served populations, training prolotherapists and phlebologists, research in prolotherapy, and other projects including aiding public hospitals and schools.

The Hackett Hemwall Foundation has 501(c)(3) status with the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Please mail your donations to:

            The Hackett Hemwall Foundation

            Julie Olson, Treasurer

            4606 Shore Acres Road

            Monona, WI   53716

Or, simply and securely, make your donation with PayPal:


                        Donations of any amount are appreciated!

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