HHF Honduras Phlebology Trip
It is with profound sadness that we announce that Dr. Jeff Patterson suffered a heart attack earlier this week, and did not survive.   Our Honduras trips and the Madison Prolo conference in October will continue on as planned, as Jeff would have wanted.  (posted 1-30-14)

Countdown clock to when we will see you in San Pedro Sula, Honduras!!
Our 2014 trip dates are:    March 22 to 29, 2014.    For more information or questions regarding the 2014 trip, please contact Mary Doherty mdoherty@wisc.edu   or Dr. Rick Owens  owens2636@att.net
Please click below for trip applications: 
Application Veins* Honduras Physician 2014 .pdf
         Application Veins* Honduras Non-physician  2014.pdfmailto:mdoherty@wisc.edumailto:owens2636@att.netTravel_Info_Hond_Veins_2012_files/Application%20Veins*%20Honduras%20Physician%202014%20.pdfTravel_Info_Hond_Veins_2012_files/Application%20Veins*%20Honduras%20Physician%202014%20.pdfTravel_Info_Hond_Veins_2012_files/Application%20Veins*%20Honduras%20Non-physician%20%202014.pdfTravel_Info_Hond_Veins_2012_files/Application%20Veins*%20Honduras%20Physician%202014%20.docshapeimage_2_link_0shapeimage_2_link_1shapeimage_2_link_2shapeimage_2_link_3shapeimage_2_link_4

Welcome to the Honduras trip info site!   The goal of this page is to post important information on this site that will help every one with their preparations, and travel, for the Hackett Hemwall 2014 Phlebology trip.


Dates:   March 22, 2014 to March 29, 2014 - Saturday to Saturday.

Fees:     Your fees cover your hotel room (2 people to a room) and all group meals in Honduras, ground transportation once you get to the airport in San Pedro Sula on March 22, (you need to arrive by 2:30 pm), transportation to clinic sites and transportation back to the airport in San Pedro Sula on March 29, 2014, for flights departing San Pedro Sula after 11:30 am (not for earlier morning flights).  Fees also cover the education and training and help with the cost of our medical supplies that we use in Honduras and for the cost of transporting supplies to Honduras.   Everyone, including clinic directors, and instructors, pay for their airfare to Honduras.   The fee that we charge participants is set to only cover the HHF expenses - the foundation just hopes to “break even” on this and all other projects!    If you have questions on our fee structure, please contact Mary Doherty or Jeff Patterson.  You will be able to pay your fees with PayPal or check. 

Physician:   $1400   

Non-Physicians (nurses, helpers, assistants, etc):  $500

Private room additional charge:   $150 per week

All fees are due by January 15, 2014.  Your place on the trip roster is not guaranteed until your fees are paid in full - or unless you have made arrangements with Jeff and Mary.

To pay your fees, please use the PayPal buttons below  OR  if you would prefer, pay by check - Check should be made out to The Hackett Hemwall Foundation and mailed to:  Julie Olson, RN, (HHF Treasurer), 4606 Shore Acres Road, Monona, WI  53716

Use the Pull Down menu option for the Trip Fee (Physician & Non-Physician fee).  Add Private Room option if you would would like to request a private room. Add CME credits if you would like them. When all selections are made, use View Cart button to check “order” and make payment with your credit card on Pay Pal.


Do NOT pay your fees until your application is accepted by the HHF!!!

Trip Fee - Physician/Non-Physician

                                                                          CME credits (AMA)


$150 fee for private hotel

      Room for week.


Required Documents:    All physicians must submit a copy of their current license to practice medicine in their home state/country. I also need a copy of nurse’s licenses.  These licenses must be current as of March 2014 - when you will be practicing medicine in Honduras..  Also, physicians that have not gone with the HHF to Honduras before, must submit a copy of their medical school diploma.  A copy of the first page of everyone’s passport is required, too (physicians and all “non-physicians”).  These are requirements of the Honduras Medical Society - and we, the HHF, must abide by them.  I have to submit these documents to the medical society at least one month before you practice medicine in Honduras. Therefore, I need your documents sooner rather than later - please take care of this NOW.   Only licensed MDs and DOs are recognized and allowed to practice medicine in Honduras. (Nurse Practitioners,  Physician Assistants or other mid level providers, along with Naturopathic physicians are not recognized by Honduras nor can they legally practice medicine there - the HHF strictly follows these regulations)  

Please scan/email these documents to Deb Brower (Rick Owens‘ office manager) at minorprocedures@tds.net  Or mail to:  Deb Brower, Minor Procedures, 1920 Monroe Street, Madison, WI  53711

We also need everyone to complete and return the Application form and a “Release” form.   Go to the end of this page and click, print, complete and send to Deb at address above.

Travel Information - We will be meeting flights in San Pedro Sula, Honduras on Saturday, March 22, 2014.   You must arrive in San Pedro Sula by 2:30 pm.   The HHF will have buses to transport the group and luggage to LaCeiba.  We must depart San Pedro Sula airport as soon as the the last flight gets there...  we want to travel during daylight hours!   If you have any questions on this, please contact Mary BEFORE you book your flights. We will also get you back to San Pedro Sula for your return flight on Saturday, March 29, 2014.  We are not able to get people back to San Pedro Sula for flights departing before 11:30 am.  Do not book an earlier flight!! 

If you would like Brenda Trainor, of Pyramid Travel, to make reservations for you, call her office at 608-845-6880.  Brenda has been helping our group for 9 years now and knows the itineraries that work for the group.  She does charge a fee, as all travel agents do, but the cost is well worth it!! 


If Brenda makes your reservations, she will forward to me a copy of your itinerary.  If you make your own reservations, please send me a copy of your itinerary....  that way I know where we will be meeting you - in Madison, Chicago, Atlanta, Houston or San Pedro Sula...  and know where to start looking for you if you aren’t there!

Travel Insurance, with medical evacuation, is strongly recommended!  You can purchase the insurance from several sites online but the easiest way to do it is contact Brenda - our travel agent.  Even if you do not purchase your airline tickets with Brenda, she is happy to take care of your trip insurance.  (she does not charge an “agent fee” for trip insurance)  We have never had anyone have to use the medical evacuation part of the policy but, you don’t want to get sick or injured in Honduras and have to depend on their medical system!

Immunizations/medications:     Honduras does not require any vaccines.  The HHF recommends that you are up to date on tetanus, and Hepatitis A & B.    Also, please make your own decision on taking anti malaria medications - check the CDC website for current information.   You will be in urban areas.  The last time I checked the website it said that if you were in rural areas  they recommend chloroquine.    The decision to take or not take medication is yours!    Typically on our trips, about 50% of the participants take chloroquine and 50% don’t...   again, this is something you need to decide for yourself.  If you do decide to take it, remember, you need to start taking the medication 2 weeks before you go to Honduras, take it while you are in Honduras and for 4 weeks after leaving Honduras.

Passport:  You must have a US passport - if you are a US citizen.  If you are coming from a different country, be sure to check with the Honduran Embassy to see if you need a visa. (you do not need a Visa if you are a US citizen)  Passports must be “good” for at least 6 months past the date that you plan on leaving Honduras.  That means your passport must be good (not expired) until at least the end of September, 2014.   Check your passport now!!   Send a copy of the front page of your passport to Deb (address above)...  and, make additional copies of the first page - carry one with you (not with your passport), leave a copy at home and another copy with someone in your office.  If you lose your passport in Honduras, getting a replacement is much easier (though still a huge hassle) if you have a copy of, or access to a copy of, your original passport.

CME credits - At this time I am working with the University of Wisconsin CME department for credits for the physicians (and nurses if your board will accept AMA credits).  Cost for CME credit, AMA Category 1, is $200.     CME credits are optional and not included in your fees. 

US Citizens - check out the State Department travel site.  Some participants register with the US embassy in Honduras.   Check out the website and decide if this is something you would like to do.

Shipping & Donations for Honduras:   If you have medical or school supplies that you would like to donate to Honduras, you can ship them to Madison by December 27, 2013  and we will get the supplies in our semi shipment to Honduras.  Please, you must get items to Madison by December 27, 2013!!  Another option would be to take supply donations in your luggage.   Contact Mary (mdoherty@wisc.edu or 608-712-5518) for shipping information and also to see if what you have will be useful in Honduras.

And, if you live in the Madison area - mark your calendars for Shipping Day 2014!!   The semi will be loaded - by us - on Saturday, January 18, 2014.   Please plan on being at Chet’s Car Care Center, 2020 Aberg Ave, Madison, WI, by 7:00 AM to help load!!   And, between now and then, we need help packing and sorting boxes - contact Mary for work times/days.  All friends, relatives, acquaintances and strangers are needed to help!

And, finally - I will be updating this web link periodically....  as we get closer to departure date, updates will be more frequent!    As always, please do not hesitate to contact Jeff and Mary with any questions. 

Email:   mdoherty@wisc.edu              jjpatter@wisc.edu

Phone:      Mary’s cell - 608-712-5518           Jeff’s cell - 608-206-2101            Land line -  608-256-3983

Click below for link to the Application and Release forms:

Agreement and Release Honduras.pdf

Application Veins* Honduras Physician 2014 .pdf


Application Veins* Honduras Non-physician  2014.pdf


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